Our People

Gayle Ferrier

Licensed Conveyancer -Principal, Justice of the Peace

Gayle started her legal career in 1986 as the office junior with Ennis Smith & Bradbury in Batemans Bay. Gayle obtained thorough practical on the job training in conveyancing with that firm until 1995. Gayle left the local area for a couple of years before returning to full time employment with that firm in 1997. In July of that year Gayle commenced external studies at Macquarie University Sydney in Conveyancing Law & Practice. In 1999 Gayle graduated from Macquarie University and has since held an unrestricted conveyancing licence. In December 2000 Gayle entered into partnership with Joe Smith at Ennis Smith & Bradbury and changed the name of the firm to South East Coast Conveyancing. This was one of the first solicitor/conveyancer partnerships jointly approved by the Department of Fair Trading and the Law Society of NSW. In December 2005, Joe Smith retired and South East Coast Conveyancing became a dedicated conveyancing business owned and operated by Gayle Ferrier and Cheryl Thompson (then Cheryl Batchelor).
Gayle takes great pride in her reputation as a conveyancer and the reputation of South East Coast Conveyancing. Gayle is committed to delivering a wealth of experience to her valued clients.

Cheryl Thompson

Licensed Conveyancer – Principal, Justice of the Peace

Cheryl started her legal career in 1978 working for a very old established law firm, Stuart Thom & Co. located in the Gowings Building in Market Street Sydney, working as a legal secretary to the Head Partner in conveyancing and deceased estates. In 1984, Cheryl moved to the Blue Mountains and took a position with a very well known, and much respected local legal firm, McPhee Kelshaw of Springwood. Cheryl held her position with this firm for 17 years. During this time Cheryl Batchelor, as she was then known, was a highly trusted conveyancing paralegal who was building a solid reputation for her knowledge, skills and warmth within the Blue Mountains district and the conveyancing clients for whom she was acting. In 1995 Cheryl commenced exteral studies at Macquarie University Sydney in Conveyancing Law & Practice whilst still maintaining her full time position as a paralegal in the Conveyancing Department at McPhee Kelshaw and in 1997 graduated from Macquarie University. Cheryl was in the second year of graduates after the introduction of the Conveyancers Licensing Act 1995. After obtaining her unrestricted licence, which she has held since 1997, Cheryl headed the Conveyancing Team at McPhee Kelshaw until she decided it was time for a “sea change” resulting in a move to Batemans Bay in 2001, taking up a position with South East Coast Conveyancing. Once again, Cheryl established herself quickly within the local community as a conveyancer of high integrity and dedication. Since 2005 Cheryl has been a co-principal of the firm, and together with her business partner, Gayle Ferrier, has dedicated herself to providing exceptional service to her conveyancing clients. In March 2010 Cheryl remarried and is now known as Cheryl Thompson. Cheryl, having more than 30 years experience in conveyancing and having been licensed for the past 15 years is a conveyancer upon which you can depend to deliver to you the knowledge, understanding, commitment to service and outcomes that only comes through vast experience. She has a proven track record on which you can rely.